How much do girls make on Onlyfans: explained in guide

Any social space for an influencer goes empty without a rich fan base. In this blog we will write how much do girls make on Onlyfans platform. We allways want to know more about other money. It is simpe. 

Interacting and being around them is one of the best feelings. They are not just random people that come around for a boost. They are the people that make a known personality feel loved, encouraged, and dedicated to continuing their work. It is they who hold them to the height and bring them down.

Without them, famous people's life will come to a standstill. Several platforms work to bring the two worlds together for the best. OnlyFans is a never to miss space to find your model content creator online!

how much do girls make on onlyfans

How much do the girls earn?

The money the girls make varies from one to another. It depends on the skills and content you have for the fan base. The gain of a person depends on the number of followers you have. Out of it, 20% goes to the site, and the remaining 80% stays with the girls.

An average girl is said to earn approximately $200 to $250. There was a time when the average was higher, but with more talents coming in and serving the base, the average rates are declining. The top performers get to have $5000 and more as they know the knack of working. If you stay dedicated, OnlyFans is a space with acceptance and growth for all!

How much do girls make on Onlyfans: All about the income!

The ways of earning on the OnlyFans platform have different ways. With a fixed subscription fee for a month or bundle subscriptions, the creators can also earn through private messages and personal tips. Even with the varied profits of influencers, OnlyFans sets a limit for the subscription fee.

Starting from a monthly minimum of $4.99; the account holders can take it to as high as $49.99. It does not include personal tips and messages. The paid tips and the other messaging boost the yields and offer traction to the subscribers. It allows the girls to have loyal subscriptions over time. The earnings do not just limit here!

The referral model of OnlyFans gives the referred person takes 5% of the creator's income. Primarily set for 5% for life, it now limits to 12 months post the creator joins the platform.

OnlyFans handed out more than $2 billion to its users. With several making millions, there are also accounts that take back home less than $200 a month. With 50 million subscribers and growing, OnlyFans is a premium future-earning space!

The top earning accounts!

With more than 50 million users and 1 million content creators on OnlyFans, the competition is real. Regardless, only 1% of the account holders take one-third of the profits. Top-earning accounts are not just an indication of fame and fortune but also of dedication for the fans who look up to them.

1. Bhad Bhabie

Taking her luck around in every social media, this viral iconic figure made more than $59 million on OnlyFans alone. Being a rapper by passion and profession, she maintains her position as the top-most paid on the OnlyFans platform. With $23.99 as her subscription fee, Danielle Bregoli is correctly the "Catch me outside girl"! Bhad Bhabie OnlyFans model is the star on finder. 

2. Cardi B

Standing at the second position by 2022, she is not just a music icon for OnlyFans subscribers. She shares her personal life and stays close to everyone who idolizes her. With over $46 M of revenue in total, she takes tentatively $9.34 M on monthly basis. With a smooth balance between her personal and professional life, she is rising above all!

3. Blac Chyna

With 16M+ followers, this reality TV show's face and model is a tough chic. Once with an exceptionally high subscription fee, one can now be her subscriber at affordable rates. She makes her posts and pictures available only to her subscribers. Bagging the first space as an OnlyFans earner in 2021, she earns surplus dollars every month!

4. Bella Throne

Joining OnlyFans on August 2020, this actor, model, and singer has made a considerable impact in a short time. Famous for making over a million dollars in just 24 hours on the first day, she owns an eventful account! With more than $37 million dollars as total revenue in hand, she earns more than $1 M monthly!

5. Belle Delphine

Belle, as bold as her moves ruling the adult content world, is no less of an idol on OnlyFans. She makes more than 1.2 million dollars every month and has total earnings of $34 M. Being transparent about her ways of earning on the platform, she is one of the most-loved explicit content creators on OnlyFans! On we love Belle Delphine OnlyFans and her content. 

6. Mia Khalifa

A former adult star and a worthy media personality, she enjoys her earnings of $32 M as a total on OnlyFans. Making her talents useful and utilizing her wits, she has the highest number of followers, more than 22 million. Making her account available to the subscribers at $12.99, her monthly income sums roughly up to $1.3 M.

7. Gem101

Once known for earning more than $2.3 M a month, and now around $1.8M, this adult star earns massive. She has collected over 29 million dollars over the years. Owning one of the most popular accounts on the platform, she gives her subscription at $29 per month. With her dazzling earns, she has one of the most captivating profiles.

If you want to know more about most popular model you can find them all on Top OnlyFans category. Also we collected best models on Hottest OnlyFans models and Celebrity OnlyFans category. 

What brings the pay gap?

A platform with talent and content always brings tough competition. Some earn a surplus, while others are just starting up. When talent works lining the pay, the following can affect the earnings:

1. Popularity

Are you liked enough is the first question. On OnlyFans, if the girls have more fan base, they earn in multiples. Their popularity is a wing that offers them to collect more. They come with a subscription, and subscribers pay for the content. The more popularity the girls have, the better and higher is the pay.

2. Promotion

With everything they carry as a trait, the best never misses out on promotions. It gives them the face people are looking for in the competitive space. The high-paid girls work to analyze the crowd's needs and want to have the formula. They promote themselves with glasses that fit the needers' faces.

3. Influencing power

Marketing is a need for every space you look around but captivating the crowd is a must. The ability of an OnlyFan girl content creator to enchant the fans to look around and subscribe to them matters. If they can influence them and bring to their space regularly – they have the knack of earning well! Here you can find Instagram models OnlyFans of Youtuber OnlyFans content creators. 

4. Quality

From across the globe, people are now joining the OnlyFans community, making the talent base bigger. As the subscribers pay for it, they expect a standard and grade. Hence, the richer the content they share, keeping their fan base in mind, the more they grow. The more they grow, the more they get to earn in hand! What can we guaratee to you that Big ass OnlyFans models will give you the best quality content to you. 

5. Consistency

Continuity and regularity in posting content are other needs for any OnlyFan girl. A newbie never gets subscribers overnight. It takes time and perseverance. If they keep posting quality content, they attract the crowd over time, leading to more subscriptions. The more subscribers they have, the better are the chances for earning!

6. Uniqueness

The essence of being different from others is also vital. Being a space for common niches, you have to be something different to stand out. You should have something distinct as an OnlyFan girl content maker to offer subscribers. If you are one-of-a-kind and do not miss out on people's needs, it makes you more visible and lets you earn more!

7. Engagement

Creating content for your subscribers is never enough. Being available for them and engaging with them is also a need. The girl who engages well knows how to keep her fan base loyal. With the fixed fan base comes bundle subscriptions and promoters. It leads to a fixed amount of subscribers and new additions for extra cash flow!

8. Frequency

The number of posts the girl does affects her popularity. Whether to flood the content or drip-feeding them, the choice remains in their hands. Wisely increasing or decreasing the count is a must. Choosing the number is a primary factor that enlists them in the highly paid or the poorly paid category in OnlyFan.

Girls – Is it just the explicit content?

OnlyFans is an unbiased space where people from every background grow to have a name. OnlyFans is a website famous for girls to grow themselves using adult content. But it is not all. Even though they create a surplus of greens, the highest can vary.

Girls enrichen the space in multiple niches, including photography, modeling, video production, expertise talk, pornography, and more. Modeling is also the background that can help an OnlyFan girl make thousands of dollars. Several girls pick different expressions for the best. If you want more explicit content we suggest you to visit OnlyFans Explicit category

Being an OnlyFan girl to earn is as engaging and tiresome as a job. It needs dedication, devotion, and talent for the best. The success time for each account comes with its own. It depends on your strategies and the bit of luck you carry. Having traits adequate for OnlyFans is a must. It makes one climb high, increases the fan base, and takes back a respectful amount on withdrawal.

We hope we answered to your question on how much do girls make on Onlyfans and maybe it would encourage you to start your carries on